Marieke Schneemann and Members of the Rubens Quartet recording Mozart Flute Quartets

After an inspirational and successful tour, Marieke Schneemann and three members of the Rubens Quartet decided to record a CD featuring Mozart’s flute quartets. Marieke explains the decision to record the Mozart Quartets on the website of the Rubens Quartet:

“It was a natural process, after all of the positive concert experiences that we have had together in the past years, because the music is so unbelievably rich, has so many layers, and is never boring. Like a magic ball or a diamond. At a certain moment, the need emerges to confirm the bond that you have built together by making it public in the form of a CD. Even saying ‘yes!’ has a different meaning after so many years.”

The four flute quartets have very different characters but they share a very lively atmosphere. At the same time it is ensemble music in it’s purest form. To capture the ‘live feeling’ of this project we decided to record this disc in a live setting. Two concerts in Schiedam are the fundament of this CD project. During the recording we had the support of Claire Pijman who made an interesting video about the creation of this CD.

Read more about the project by clicking on this link.

Project info

Recording venue: Westvest church Schiedam

Recording producer and editing: Daan van Aalst

Video: Claire Pijman

Record label: RQ

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