Rian de Waal plays Schubert

‘Rian de Waal plays Schubert’

In december 2010 Rian de Waal planned to make new recordings for the project about piano transcriptions he had been working on for years. Suffering from medical issues, Rian de Waal was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, it was too much of a battle to study on the new works so he decided to record the magisterial sonata no. 21 D960 by Franz Schubert. This sonata has always been an important part of Rian’s musical life and it accompanied him on many concerts. The piece has a very gradual development in time and reveals step by step an amazing musical architecture. There are moments in this magical work of art where time seems to disappear.

‘Take your time with Schubert’

(Rian de Waal)

The recording was made on a beautiful winter day with lots of snow outside and wonderful ice crystals on the windows. The photo’s I took during that day inspired the booklet designers and they created a cover that reflects the atmosphere of our recording day.

Rian de Waal died on the 25th of may 2011. His inspiring personality and great musicianship will be missed by many people. He leaves us with many great memories and an impressive collection of recordings.

This release in the series ‘The Valthermond Recordings’ can be ordered at your local store, Amazon, Bol.com and Itunes. You can also find high resolution downloads on The Classical Shop. For more information about the label ‘The Valthermond recordings’ please visit www.valthermondrecordings.com.

Project info:

Recording venue: ‘Onder de Linden’, Valthermond

Recording date: December 22, 2010

Recording producer and editing: Daan van Aalst

Piano technician: Michel Brandjes

Cover design: dT concept & ontwerp

EAN: 8713897903027

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