Hidemi Suzuki and Chie Hirai

In the summer of 2008 Hudemi Suzuki and Chie Hirai went to the lovely concert hall ‘Onder de Linden’ in Valthermond to record a new SACD for BMG Japan. After their first Mendelssohn recording for BMG they decided to record a disc with music by Frédéric Chopin and Carl Czerny.

We had a great week filled with musical and culinary pleasure! In the rural surroundings of Valthermond, Hidemi and Chie created a colorful ‘salon’ atmosphere with their musicality and the sound of their original instruments. Hidemi played on his cello built by Bart Visser after G.B.Guadagnini.  Chie brought her own Piano (Ignace Pleyel – 1840) for the  Chopin pieces and for the Rondeau Concertant by Carl Czerny she used a wonderful piano (Joseph Böhm,Vienna in ca.1825) that matched the brilliant character of the piece.

Project info:

Frédéric Chopin(1810-49)
Introduction et polonaise brillante en ut majeur,Op.3
Sonate pour piano et violoncelle en sol mineur, Op.65
Frédéric Chopin / Auguste Franchomme(1808-84)
Grand duo concertant en mi majeur pour piano et violoncelle KKII b/1
– sur des thèmes de ‘Robert le Diable’
Carl Czerny(1791-1857)**
Rondeau concertant en ut majeur pour piano et violoncello. Op.136

(photo: Jean-Marie Geijsen. From left to right: Chie Hirai, Daan van Aalst, Hidemi Suzuki, Jean-Marie Geijsen, Hans Kramer.)

(Photo: Jean-Marie Geijsen.)

(Photo: Jean-Marie Geijsen)

Label: BMG Japan

Venue: ‘Onder de Linden’ Valthermond

Producer: Daan van Aalst

Balance engineer: Jean-Marie Geijsen

Piano Tuner: Hans Kramer

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